Salt rooms

Halotherapy (salttherapy) is a noninvasive therapy method, very simple, that involves on one hand inhaling the saline aerosols through our airways and on the other hand their absorbtion through the skin.

Indispensable element of our physiological life, the salt is an excellent medincine also. The most healthy and clean terrestrial air is the saline air due to its aseptic and bactericidal properties. Salt has a very great capacity to emit aerosols in very well-controlled enviroment (humidity and temperature) therefore this specially designed room reproduces the caractheristics of a natural saline.
These salt aerosols are inhaled through breathing or absorbed through skin, thus ending up in the respiratory sistem or in the cells through the tissues. After the saline aerosols are inhaled they deposit throughout the whole respiratory tract: the oral and nasal cavity, pharynx, larynx, pulmonary alveoli.

How do saline aerosols work?

Salt, by its nature is a bactericidal substance, which prevents the development of microbial cultures and in many cases behaves like a disinfectant. With the deposit and absorbtion of saline ions in the upper and lower airways, combined with the strong hygroscopic property appears the dilution effect of the microorganisms and impurities deposits that causes disease and respiratory disorder.
In other words the aerosols help in the cleaning and disinfecting of outbreaks wich develop numerous respiratory diseases, streamlines mucus and with this eliminates the discomfort caused by secretions, cleans the respiratory tract and annihilates pathogenic germs, inflammatory and irritating effects.