Salt products

Himalaya’s salt features:
Natural salt crystals are a rich source of micronutrients substances, essential for maintaining health.
Effects of salt:
– Can improve sleep disorders and concentration;
– Removes electrosmog formed near electrical appliances (PC, TV, etc.);
– Has beneficial effect on asthma and allergic illnesses;
– Treatment of airway etc.

Himalayan mountains salt floor lamp

Fits rooms between 25 and 30 square meters and has effects similar to a stay in a saline for several hours: through contact with the oxygen from the air, the heated salt by the bulb creates saline aerosols in the atmosphere room (enclosed), which purifies(actual) and detoxifies the air we breathe and exhale during the night. This effect of saline improves substantially airways disease symptoms (sinusitis, bronchitis, rhinitis, asthma, pneumonia, colds, flu, coughs, snoring), but also of seasonal allergies and stress, helping for a better concentration and a good sleep .
The color can vary depending on the amount of minerals and oxides that is in it (minerals make up the color to red – in the Himalayan salt crystals are found 84 different minerals). It is not the minerals who has an effect on the airways disease but the salt, so red-orange color of a lamp can be more pleasant to look but not necessarily healthier than one with more salt and less mineral (brighter).

There are no contraindications different from those of an entry in a saline: it is not recommended for people suffering from hyper-tension, heart diseases.

Specifications :

  • Height 153cm
  • Lenght 11cm
  • D 15 cm
  • Voltage 220 V
  • Consumption 1W LED Bulb / pc Floor lamp